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Monday, September 1, 2008

No bandwidth exceeded issues ever

This template is hosted on a premium Photobucket account which means that all the images that are used in the Zixpk Blue blogger template will never have the annoying bandwidth exceeded issue. So feel safe in downloading this template because it won't give you any trouble down the road.

~Cheers from the crew


TIBET ARTS said...

Thanks For this wonderful Template I like it very much.
I have used this in my blog.
There is a problem With the ad with the size 160x600. The ads 160x600 disapear when Page fully load.
also I notice the Categories button also same but i think you made it like this. So what i can do with the Ads160x600 which disapear? how to display well?
Waiting for your Answer.
My blog is
best regards

BluRay Movies said...

great template...